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Customized Investment Solutions

We offer you a range of customized services. Some examples follow, with each client's unique needs considered in adjusting what we provide to what you desire. Contact us for more detail.

Comprehensive Management and Supervision

We meet you where you are. Some individuals are sophisticated and experienced in the investment world. Some investors lack the time, interest or expertise to manage an investment portfolio with confidence and sustained attention. The financial markets change constantly, often dramatically. The prospects of companies, as well as mutual funds and other securities, also change.

We provide personalized investment supervisory services. This includes giving you continuous investment advice, or making investments at your direction and on your behalf. These services are based on your particular needs, goals and objectives.  Through this service, we offer you an individualized investment program regarding allocation among various asset classes (including equity and fixed income securities), ongoing investments, and adjustment and balancing of portfolios. This is based on your needs, not theoretical models or an inventory of 'canned' portfolios.

Focused Services

Unlike many other firms, Ferleger Wealth Management also provides investment advisory services which go beyond percentage-of-assets fees as a means to satisfy clients' needs for more focused advice. These services include:

Asset and Investment Review.We provide financial and investment consultation on accounts and assets not managed or maintained by Ferleger Wealth Management.  We will review your current assets and allocation and provide you with recommendations regarding investment selection, current portfolio allocation and suggested adjustments.  All trade implementation under this service is your responsibility. Clients are not  obligated in any manner to implement the advice received.

Targeted Consultation.This may be for a "second opinion" or a one-time or periodic basis. You may have a particular question; it may be about a certain course of action, or a concentrated position, or about the balance of your allocation, for example.  We provide one-time or periodic consultation targeted to the your specific areas of advice or concern. This may include the evaluation of a specific account, investment opportunity, or situation.  We provide an independent second opinion on your existing portfolio. These services could include providing you non-legal advice regarding class action lawsuits involving investments held by you. All trade implementation under this service is your responsibility.  You are not obligated in any manner to implement any recommendations.

Monitoring Services.Some clients do not have the time or interest to regularly monitor their investments, but still want full management responsibility. If that describes you, we provide on-going review and monitoring services of your brokerage portfolio assets and transactions.  Monitoring services will be structured around your specific requests or concerns and may include, but not necessarily be limited to, identifying and reporting to you on the existence of particular characteristics, the occurrence of particular events in the account or affecting the account, or the achievement of identified benchmarks. All trade implementation under this service is your responsibility. You are not obligated in any manner to implement our recommendations.

Referral to Third-party Managers.We will refer clients to unaffiliated third-party investment advisors/money managers who offer asset management services.  We will assist you with identifying your risk tolerance and investment objectives and will then recommend third-party investment advisors/money managers we believe are appropriate for you in relation to your investment objectives and risk tolerance.  You will enter into an agreement directly with the unaffiliated third-party investment advisor.  These referrals will not be done based on any solicitor or referral arrangement between our firm and the third-party advisor.  The third-party advisor will not compensate us in any manner for these referrals.