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We are an independent, privately-owned firm with deep roots in this community.

Our mission is assist you to preserve and increase your wealth by providing customized conflict-free investment management and advice for the benefit of you, your family, and the causes you support. We are not a broker. We accept no commissions and do not sell products.  We are devoted solely to your interests.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are obligated by law to act as a fiduciary, which means that we must always act with your best interests in mind. Unlike brokers, we won’t just make a recommendation because is it “suitable.” We embrace a higher burden.

We focus on developing and managing a personalized comprehensive investment strategy that meets your unique needs. We provide long-term investment management. We also provide short-term, even one-time, consultation, “second opinions” on your investments, and other services.

Ferleger Wealth Management, LLC, is not a broker. We accept no commissions. We do not sell products.  We are devoted solely to your interests. With an independent adviser, you avoid the conflict of interest which arises when a broker receives better commissions by selling you one product instead of another, or makes money through trades in your account, or when the brokerage firm is compensated in other ways for your business.

You desire a trusted partner and adviser. You seek a firm which can sensitively assist in meeting financial objectives through careful long-term management of investment portfolios, or through short-term targeted review and consultation on specific issues. 

You have unique needs which cannot easily be inventoried. Generally, you:

  • Are a long-term investor
  • Desire management of individual accounts, IRA and 401K rollovers, trusts, profit sharing, variable life insurance, charitable trusts, childrens’ accounts
  • View an investment advisor as part of your team of professional legal, tax and other advisers
  • Seek to achieve consistent returns and to minimize the inevitable risks of investing.
  • Realize that there are no gimmicks in investing which produce risk-free windfalls
  • Have a portfolio which you seek to grow, to commit to a college fund for children or to preserve into retirement, or have a nest egg which needs to be professionally tended
  • If not relying on us for comprehensive management, you manage your own accounts but desire a short-term consultation on security selection, asset allocation, or other questions.

We pledge to be there when you need us, answering your questions and working with you in pursuit of your goals. We sell service and advice. We will treat you with respect, work as your financial partner, and educate you regarding our recommendations.