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David Ferleger

David Ferleger

The Principal

The firm's principal, David Ferleger, has decades of broad professional and business experience. Building upon his management of extensive family investments for many years, Mr. Ferleger expanded his services to include investment management and consultation for individuals, families and other entities. He first founded Ferleger Wealth Management LLC in 2008, and revitalized it in 2015. In addition to oversight and direction of securities investments, Mr. Ferleger has been a partner and management committee member for a real estate investment partnership, and an individual commercial real estate owner. For six years Mr. Ferleger was chair of a college endowment committee.  He was also treasurer of the board of governors of the college for a similar period of time.

Most important to Mr. Ferleger is ensuring a positive relationship with clients, characterized by effective communication and responsiveness to each client's unique needs. Mr. Ferleger's approach to investment is long-term, conservative, with an emphasis on fundamental analysis, generally bottom-up security selection, and informed by the insights of behavioral economics.  For Ferleger Wealth Management clients, he seeks to serve the particular needs of each client; experience has taught him that clients are best served through understanding and interaction.

Also an attorney, Mr. Ferleger has decades of experience in resolving disputes for the benefit of thousands of individuals, as well as numerous organizations and government agencies. He has argued five times before the Supreme Court of the United States and worked on other Supreme Court cases, represented individuals and government agencies, taught law school, and has written, lectured and consulted nationally. Mr. Ferleger has taught at the New York University Law School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Writing has included book chapters, books of legal materials, law review articles, and popular magazine and newspaper articles.

Mr. Ferleger is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (BA Sociology,1969) and the University of Pennsylvania Law School (J.D. 1972). At the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, he studied Investment Strategies & Portfolio Management in 2008.